obstacles such as rails and curbs are very popular training ramps copied from street obstacles. They are particularly suitable for grinding and ollies and are a standard feature.
l w h barriere item no.
2,40m 0,50m 0,80m   06-0500080
l w h picnic-table item no.
2,40m 1,80m 0,60m   07-1200060
l w h garden-bench item no.
2,40m 1,80m 0,80m   08-0600080
l w h manual bad item no.
3,60m 2,40m 0,30m   02-1200030
l w h manual bad II item no.
4,80m 1,20m 0,60m   11-1200060
l w h bench item no.
2,40m 0,60m 0,40m   10-0600040