This are the start and approach ramps for obstacles and fun boxes. They are necessary in order to create enough speed as well as for doing tricks. An absolute necessity they are generally found on the outskirts of the park.
l w h fly over item no.
4,60m 3,00m 0,60m   18-1200060
l w h model 1 item no.
5,80m 5,40m 0,60m   19-1200060
l w h model 3 item no.
6,30m 5,60m 0,60m   21-1200060
l w h model 5 item no.
8,70m 7,20m 0,90m   23-1200090
l w h P2 item no.
11,00m 9,50m 0,90m   44-1200090
l w h custom5 item no.
11,00m 10,00m 0,90m   46-1200090