Generally positioned towards the exterior to produce the necessary speed for obstacles or fun boxes. Banks and quarters are also used for simple tricks.
l w h bank-stairs item no.
5,30m 4,80m 1,25m   35-1200125
l w h plaza-bank item no.
9,70m 9,60m 1,8m   36-1200180
l w h quarter-hip item no.
5,00m 9,00m 1,25m   34-1200125
l w h bank- kicker item no.
4,00m 3,60m 1,25m   31-1200125
l w h quarter-bank-quarter item no.
4,00m 7,50m 1,25m   34-1250125
l w h roll in-ramp item no.
4,00m 2,50m 1,25m   10-1250125