We can offer the right half-pipes for competition or training purpose,or just for fun. New design trends and combinations with "street" elements have been developed. Excellent solutions are available, even for small spaces.
l w h combi-pipe II item no.
14,50m 8,30m 0,90m    
    1,25m   17-1250125
l w h competition-pipe with channel & roll-in item no.
14,50m 10,00m 3,90m    
    4,90m   15-1250390
l w h half-pipe item no.
14,00m 7,50m 3,45m   16-1250345
l w h combi-pipe item no.
13,00m 7,00m 1,80m   C-1251180
l w h midi-pipe item no.
10,50m 3,75m 1,80m   14-1250180
10,50m 5,00m 1,80m   14-1255180
l w h mini-pipe item no.
9,50m 3,75m 1,25m   14-1253125
9,50m 5,00m 1,25m   14-1255125