Only high-quality and highly resistant materials are used in the production of our skate park equipment. No compromise is made, ensuring long-lasting, safe use.
  steel construction
  Hot-dip galvanized steel tube construction. The equipment is designed and manufactured in a modular system allowing for easy modification and expansion.
  adjustable feet
  height adjustable feet. Taking into consideration that not all surfaces are level, we have incorporated adjustable height supports enabling easier and stable installation.
  approaching plates
  high-grade pre formed, stainless steel approach ramps built to withstand and to allow a smooth transition onto the various equipment including pipes, funboxes etc.
  side skirts
  fibre glass side skirts are designed for safety and act as a barrier for waste. They can also be ordered in different colours allowing for many design possibilities
  modular system
  the modular system allows for ease of expansion, flexibility in design as well as installation.
  frame work
  360° steel tube edge protection for riding surfaces means that all riding surfaces are surrounded be steel tubing offering maximum protection of the ride surface
  safety railings
  free grind safety railings. The safety railings are designed not to get in the way of the riders. They are "free to grind"at the same time never compromising on safety.
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