Only high-quality and highly resistant materials are used in the production of our skate park equipment. We offer different types of surfaces depending on the needs of our customers. All of our surfaces have been proven and tested to withstand any weather conditions from the hot summers of Portugal to the freezing winters of Russia.
fibre glass skating surface
approaching plate
galvanized steel frame
fibre glass skating board
9mm fibre glass board
vibration absorber
fibre glass board
structured top layer
fibre glass layer
noise reduction layer
fibre glass bottom layer
glass-fibre reinforced plastic boards have a sandwich structure, highly resistant surfaces with the most similar grip to wooden surfaces and double noise protection insulation.
high-grade steel skating surface
approaching plate
galvanized steel frame
stainless steel skating plate
  3mm sand-blasted
high-grade steel plate
5mm noise protection
indestructible, extremely resistant skate ramp offers excellent protection against vandalism. Glare-free sand-blasted surface with anti-noise protection.
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