70 million skateboarders, inliners and BMX riders in Europe have converted a vogue into a mainstream sport. We can plan your skate park using the latest computer technologies backed by years of experience and personal consultation. Our skate parks are built and tested to the latest requirements of the EN14974 safety standards for skate equipment.
l w skate park 4 item no.
25,0m 16,0m   SP-4
l w skate park 6 item no.
30,0m 20,0m   SP-6
l w plaza 1 item no.
30,0m 16,0m   SP-P1
l w plaza 2 item no.
25,0m 16,0m   SP-P2
l w street 1 item no.
30,0m 30,0m   SP-S1
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